General Industrial

Locker Group products are utilised in a variety of industrial applications

  • Security mesh
  • Conveyor belts
  • Filtration mesh
  • Agricultural flooring
  • Guarding
  • Condenser platforms
  • Roof access walkway

Depending on the specific application, Locker can offer a number of product alternatives, each with unique benefits.  The production of Expanded metal transforms it into a lighter, stronger and more economic version of its original form.  The three dimensional texture lends itself to security mesh, sunshading or walkways, with specific profiles identified for each application.


Perforated metal has the flexibility of an extensive portfolio of hole size, shape and pattern combinations.  Creating privacy, allowing airflow or light to filter through, preventing access to machinery via guarding, or filtering sound are all achievable with the right selection of perforated metal.  The largest capability and range in the region, allows Locker to find the best product for your application, either from our stock range or made to order.


Woven wire mesh and gauze is ideal in treatment plants, chemical filtration and screening applications.  Larger weave profiles are ideal in animal flooring projects where the flexible nature of the weave keeps the flooring clear.

Conveyor belts are essential in the smooth operation of many processing plants, ensuring the quick and safe transport of goods from start to finish.  Locker belts can withstand temperatures from -250 degrees Celsius through to 1200 degrees Celsius, and are manufactured to order depending on the width of the track, open area requirements and texture.