Croydon Aquatic Centre

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Croydon Aquatic Centre




Peddlethorp Architects




Pic Perf


Rob Burnett

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The Croydon Leisure & Aquatic Centre is a community based centre designed to offer a multitude of options for health and fitness, while providing an innovative and comfortable environment for swimmers, members and guests.

The aquatic facility has been fully integrated into the existing Croydon Leisure Centre, providing the community with the opportunity to enjoy new and improved water-based recreation activities, as well as aquatic health and fitness services.

The centre was designed by Peddle Thorpe Architects, who engaged Locker Group to assist them in achieving a modern and welcoming external appearance, which integrated the theme of complex. Pic‐Perf® screens for the external façade was the ideal solution.


Working closely with Peddle Thorpe , Locker Group supplied multiple proofs to allow the designer to visualise the different options available, and to satisfy the specific design requirements. The final design was a montage; spanning over 25 meters which incorporated the Maroondah City Council’s logo, and a range of people utilising the facilities within; swimming, playing tennis or working out in the gym. Photographic images were provided and replicated in fine detail in the facade.

The image proofing process provides a realistic representation of the appearance of the panels prior to manufacture, allowing the client to see the level of detail incorporated through the perforating process. The biggest challenge was curving the aluminum screens to a radius that matched the curved façade while ensuring the images matched and flowed correctly. Accuracy and attention to detail during manufacturing and installation was extremely important.


The architect wanted a façade that would provide sunshading for the complex, while also allowing natural light to illuminate the facilities. The final result is a stunning representation of the essence of the Croydon Leisure and Aquatic Centre.

The images across the façade provide an invitation to new visitors, and a positive reinforcement to regular members. Perforated facades can provide a lightweight finish to the face of any building. The Pic‐Perf® panels provide more than a beautiful facade, they reduce the intense glare of direct sunlight, while allowing natural light and ventilation to continue.

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